Projector: The Guide

(Don’t know your type yet? Get your chart  here !)

(Don’t know your type yet? Get your chart here!)

Projectors are a huge asset to society with their natural abilities to see and guide others to reach their full potential in the most efficient way possible, but only once you've been invited to share your wisdom. If you try to share your insights with others without being invited to do so, it’ll either be argued or ignored…timing is everything.


The Projector chart has an undefined Sacral Center and no Motor Center connecting to the Throat Center.

(Undefined centers will be white, defined centers will be colored in)

Put those insights to good use for yourself, since you don't have a defined Sacral Center you need to be smart about how to use your energy. You are fully capable of having a full-time job, it just takes some creativity and experimenting to find your sweet spot energetically. Some great careers for you to consider would be freelancer, therapist, consultant, blogger or podcaster. Any way that you can be seen so that people will come and ask for guidance while also working a schedule that aligns with your energy patterns.

You'll experience rejection when you're not in your lane. It's a perfect red flag to alert you that you're trying to be seen, which always comes off as unnatural. Wait to be discovered for your brilliant insight and you will!

When living your design, patiently waiting to be invited to share your wisdom, you will reap all the benefits of feeling successful. When you're not living your design you feel bitter. If you are feeling bitter, ask yourself if its because you are feeling impatient or if you are pushing your advice on people who haven't asked for it.

Famous Projectors: Elizabeth Taylor, Demi Moore, Mick Jagger, Salvador Dahli

* Not every Projector is the same, this is a general guide to some insight on the energy type. If you want to learn more about your unique chart, such as your destiny and direction, your relationship with money and how to be more magnetic with it, and how to work with and understand stress according to your energy, click here to schedule a reading.